#022 – Tips from a Technical Recruiter – Sandy Huynh

Published On April 17, 2016 | career advice, Hardware Engineer

Sandy Huynh has been a technical recruiter in San Francisco for over 10 years. She currently recruits top talent for action camera manufacturer GoPro.

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Discussion timestamps:

00:26 – Sandy’s recruiting experience.
01:48 – The types of positions Sandy hires for: software, hardware, quality.
02:30 – The objective of a good recruiter.
03:04 – How a job description is created.
04:48 – Does the job description matter?
05:52 – The funnel: from 300 applicants to 1 job offer.
07:03 – What Sandy looks for in a resume.
08:58 – The resume is still king.
09:16 – LinkedIn. Recruiters use it.
10:06 – Resume content tips for engineering students.
11:09 – The worst case scenario phone screen.
12:53 – Forget the cover letter.
14:21 – Preparing for the in person interview.
16:20 – Who will be interviewing you?
17:15 – Where does personality come in?
17:40 – What to do if you are struggling during the technical questions?
19:06 – A candidate’s presentation going into an interview.
20:25 – Sandy’s favorite interview question to ask.
22:08 – The best career advice Sandy has received.

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