#006 – Job Hunting Advice for Engineering Students

Published On November 22, 2015 | career advice, Recruiters

Katie Crawford is the career counsellor for the College of Engineering at the University of California Berkeley. Katie provides counseling services to students at all stages of career development to clarify interests and establish goals. We sat down to discuss the job hunting process and general advice useful to all engineering students.

In our conversation, we discuss:

  • The resume screening process.
  • What employers are looking for in a candidate.
  • The importance of real world experience through internships and volunteering.
  • Job hunting strategies.
  • The value of networking.
  • Communicating your personal story.
  • Why you need a LinkedIn profile.
  • And much more…

Selected Links from the Show:

  • List of questions from Managing Oneself: PDF or Rich Text Format.
  • career.berkeley.edu for resume, cover letter, interview tips.

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Discussion timestamps:

5:31 – Intro
6:23 – Who sees your resume first?
9:06 – What do companies want to see in your resume?
10:51 – The shotgun and the sharpshooter approaches to job hunting.
12:45 – What is your story and what are you pursuing?
13:45 – Getting to the phone interview.
15:29 – Getting ready for the phone call.
17:06 – The in person interview – preparation and self promotion.
18:36 – Why you should be on LinkedIn.
21:25 – Where does networking fit in?
23:04 – Networking tips: “Creating relationships and keeping up with them.”
24:56 – Job/career fair tips.
25:44 – How does this advice relate to internship hunting?
27:41 – How to create an internship for yourself.
28:41 – Have as many experiences as you can, as early as you can.
30:34 – The best career advice Katie has received.

Episode related content:

  • Internship and entry level job related data from the National Associate of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

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