#021 – Painless Glucose Tracking – Emily Clopp

Published On April 3, 2016 | Bioengineering, Biomedical Eng, Mech Eng

Emily Clopp is a mechanical engineer at SANO Intelligence, a startup that is developing a minimally invasive patch to track blood glucose levels. Emily is a graduate of the Stanford Engineering Product Design program. She has previously worked at GoPro as a sustaining engineer and as a mechanical engineer.

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Discussion timestamps:

01:17 – Emily shares her passion: helping others.
01:41 – SANO is developing a minimally invasive blood glucose tracker.
02:14 – How we currently measure glucose levels… painful pricks.
03:43 – Description of the SANO patch.
04:34 – Working on skin adhesives, dock systems, applicators, materials…
05:53 – The challenges of working with skin.
06:49 – High school interests…
08:07 – Making the switch from environmental engineering to product design.
08:42 – Reminiscing about ME101 at Stanford.
09:51 – Uncertainty about career direction in college.
10:46 – Working at a B2B marketing company.
12:12 – Continuing with marketing at Shaun’s Shades.
13:11 – Job hunting after college. Landing a position at GoPro as employee 181.
14:41 – The power of connections.
17:28 – Communication and teamwork skills utilized at GoPro.
19:55 – Working as a sustaining engineering at GoPro.
22:28 – Seeing the products you designed in the hands of users.
23:41 – Advice when working with Chinese vendors: ask all the questions.
25:18 – Teamwork tips: play on people’s strengths and check your ego.
26:35 – The big questions: What is the problem?
27:33 – How Emily hopes wearable technologies will change healthcare.
30:40 – Future technologies Emily is excited about.
33:26 – Advice to future engineers.

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