#019 – Revolutionizing the Spirometer – Charvi Shetty

Published On March 6, 2016 | Bioengineering, Biomedical Eng

Charvi Shetty is a rising entrepreneur who has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and in Inc.. In 2014, Charvi  founded KNOX medical diagnostics. KNOX has developed a revolutionary cloud-connected portable spirometer for asthmatic children. The device has been featured in Popular Science.

Charvi has a degree in bioengineering from the University of California Berkeley and a master’s of biomedical engineering from the University of California San Francisco.

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Discussion timestamps:

01:57 – Guest intro
02:23 – Where Charvi grew up and why she studied bioengineering.
03:11 – Bioengineering / Biotechnology explained.
04:07 – Talk about research in the neuroscience lab at UCSF.
05:06 – Identifying clinical needs before looking for solutions.
06:40 – Opting to pursue a master’s instead of entering the workforce.
07:22 – Master’s thesis topic: automated algorithm for visceral and subcutaneous fat compartments detection.
08:05 – A historical context of medical imaging and a look at the future.
10:17 – Understanding the brain.
11:20 – 3D printing body parts… is the brain next?
12:00 – An introduction to KNOX.
15:31 – The prevalence of asthma cases in the US.
16:20 – Charvi explains current spirometry technology.
17:57 – Why KNOX is focusing on children patients.
20:53 – How to properly define the problem with the scientific method.
23:19 – A brief description of Agile engineering methodology.
24:18 – The value of mentors.
27:11 – Charvi talks about her roles and responsibilities as CEO.
28:22 – Teamwork tips.
29:06 – Future opportunities for KNOX medical diagnostics.
29:55 – The evolving nature of healthcare and the medical sector.
31:32 – Healthcare: a sector ripe for innovation.
32:43 – Challenges of living the startup life – dealing with uncertainty.
34:37 – Technologies that excite Charvi for the future – prosthetics,
35:45 – Words of advice for young engineers.

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