#016 – Engineering Transportation Networks – Hassan Al Madhoun, P.Eng

Published On February 14, 2016 | Civil Eng

Hassan Al Madhoun is the Transportation Demand Manager at the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. He is a professional civil engineer who did his bachelor’s and master’s at Carleton University. Hassan has been working in the transportation sector for 9 years, with experience in both the private and public sectors, and he has worked on the upcoming Ottawa Light Rail Network.

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Discussion timestamps:

02:27 – Guest intro.
03:00 – How Hassan became interested in engineering and why he chose civil.
04:04 – Broadening horizons with courses in Management, Accounting, Business.
05:32 – Options after graduating from civil engineering.
08:14 – Working by day, master’s by night.
08:59 – Transportation equals opportunity.
09:59 – Why Dillon consulting hired Hassan – the power of networking.
11:27 – A wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities as transportation planner.
13:10 – Hassan talks about a development project that has had a lasting
16:16 – The importance of the new Light Rail Transit for Ottawa.
19:54 – Resources and tools available for transportation planning. (Synchro software)
22:47 – What is the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group and what do they do?
27:30 – Lansdowne Park – Strategies to encourage bicycle and public transportation use.
34:12 – Crucial skills to be an effective transportation engineer.
35:58 – Helping design the city that you live in…
37:30 – Hassan’s favorite city for public transportation – Portland, Oregon.
37:58 – Technologies that Hassan is excited about.
39:15 – Final words to engineering students.

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