#020 – Cutting Edge Transportation Technologies – Matthew Graney

Published On March 20, 2016 | Electrical Eng

Matthew Graney is an electrical engineer at Cruise Automation, a startup that develops technologies that make your car driverless. Matthew has been at the forefront of transportation technologies for almost a decade. He has worked at Zee.Aero, a company building personal electric aircrafts, as well as at AC Propulsions, a leader in electric vehicle drive systems. Matthew is an alumnus of the University of California San Diego.

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Discussion timestamps:

01:46 – Matt talks about his childhood interests.
02:35 – Specializing in computer networking while in college.
03:18 – Working at Nokia. CDMA vs GSM.
06:16 – Smart Solutions home automation. Using touch screens in the early days.
08:28 – Starting a company: Pro Home Media.
09:49 – How Engineering prepared Matt to run his own business.
10:23 – Takeaways from this business venture. Challenges of flying solo.
12:20 – How Matt landed his job at AC Propulsion.
16:31 – Working as a test engineer.
19:40 – Transitioning into a new industry.
21:03 – Zee-Aero: developing the Jetson car.
22:03 – Roles and responsibilities working at Zee-Aero.
22:42 – Battery Management Systems.
24:08 – Auxiliary Power Supply and Motor Controllers.
25:22 – Talk about lithium Ion battery.
27:31 – Cruise Automation: driverless car technology.
30:02 – Driverless car technology predictions.
31:29 – A few advantages of driverless cars.
32:20 – Teamwork advice: keep track of what everyone is working on.
33:00 – Design advice: keep it simple.
33:46 – Exciting future technologies.
34:32 – Advice to college students: go after internships and make friends.

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