#023 – OXO Product Engineer – Becca del Monte

Published On May 1, 2016 | career advice, Engineers, Mech Eng

Becca del Monte is a product engineer at OXO, the award-winning manufacturer of cooking tools and housewares. Becca is a graduate of the Stanford Engineering Product Design program.

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Discussion timestamps:

00:26 – A passion for creation.
01:06 – An overview of OXO.
02:16 – What is the universal design principle?
03:35 – Becca’s role in the design / production chain.
05:37 – Getting ready for her first business trip to China.
06:46 – Becca’s interests in High School.
07:34 – Talking about the Product Design course at Stanford – combining Mech and Arts.
08:45 – Finding one’s path through internships.
10:01 – Tips on how to land internships: networking with alumni.
11:20 – Studying in Berlin via the CBYX Youth Exchange.
13:08 – Early career lessons.
14:37 – A lengthy job hunt upon returning to San Francisco.
16:31 – Working at Leap Frog – designing componentized buildings.
18:31 – Balancing function and form.
20:46 – Creativity in product engineering.
23:00 – Becca’s favorite OXO product.
23:44 – What is the objective of good design?
24:33 – Important qualities for success in engineering.
25:26 – Future tech to watch out for: the improvement of plastics.

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