#009 – New York City Structural Engineer – Megan Lenz, P. E.

Published On December 13, 2015 | Civil Eng, Environmental Eng, Structural Eng

Megan Lenz is a professional structural engineer at Leslie E. Robertson and Associates (LERA) – a structural engineering firm in New York City that has been involved with the design of famous buildings and skyscrapers such as the Freedom tower in NYC, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Newseum in Washington DC, and many more. Megan studied Civil and Environmental engineering at Queen’s University in Canada and did her master’s of structural engineering at the University of California Berkeley.

Megan shares with us:

  • why she studied Civil and Environmental engineering.
  • her passion for structural engineering.
  • advice on securing internships.
  • insights into the bidding process.
  • the value of spending time on the construction site.
  • and much more…

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