#000 – Engineering Insights Introduction

Published On November 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

The modern engineer is involved in fascinating projects indeed.
Designing and developing the technologies and infrastructure that shape the societies we live in.
The most effective and efficient engineers have many abilities besides just technical know how.
What are these abilities that are vital to their success?
That is what we are here to find out.

Welcome to the Engineering Insights podcast – Industry insights for future engineers.
Engineering Insights brings you leaders from all engineering disciplines.
Every episode, I interview an engineer to share with you some of their stories:
How they got to where they are today.
The amazing projects that they have been involved with.
Lessons learned so far.

If you are an engineering student: this podcast is made for you.
It can be hard figuring out in which direction to steer your career.
These interviews cast a light on some of the many possible paths that are available to you.
May you have the courage and determination to follow your interests.
These recordings also broaden your understanding of the various engineering disciplines, organizations, and sectors – this knowledge will be useful to you when the time comes to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects. Remember: no engineer is an island.
Finally, our guests share practical advice on everything from job hunting to large scale collaboration.
Once in awhile, we’ll have bonus episodes that focus on certain key professional skills like how to maximize team brainstorming, or how to manage a productive meeting, or how to nail the interview, etc.

Once again, future engineers out there: this is for you and I am at your service.

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